We provide independent expert advice on anything from small developments at individual properties up to multi-million pound urban regeneration schemes.

Our cathedral work in particular involves advisory/supervisory services, but we also carry out such work for a full range of other clients. We can also provide sub-contracted services to architects, engineers, landscape architects and others. In these contexts we have worked with practices such as Land Use Consultants, Stanton Williams, Caroe & Partners, Tuffin Ferraby and Taylor, Heritage Places, Purcell Miller & Tritton, Carden & Godfrey, Giffords, Hockley and Dawson, and Arups.

The Tower of London

The White Tower has been transformed by severeal years of cleaning and conservation work, carried out by Historic Royal Palaces. We carry out a wide range of consultamcy and access work for HRP at the Tower of London.

Oving Lodge

Oving Lodge, near Chichester, is also a Grade II listed building. The owners here applied for listed building consent to remove render from the front of ths house because of damp problems. They were delighted to find that the render hid a pleasant elevation of flint masonry, typical of the local vernacular architecture. Moreover the render had hidden several features which showed that the apparently simple facade actually had quite a complex structural history. They were therefore surprised and disappointed that their application for permission to leave the elevation as it was rather than re-render it was refused by the local planning authority. The owners asked us to look at the property and prepare a report for them. We did this, arguing that the exposed elevation was characterful, displayed evidence for the building's history, and was fully in keeping with the vernacular architecture of the village. We concluded that the application should be allowed. The owners then appealed against the refusal, and we were delighted when they were  successful. Our survey and assessment were crucial to the success of the appeal, and were specifically mentioned in the Inspector's report.